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Sony Introduces 25Gbps/ch Short reach for optical communication module

Sony has established mass-production technology of an optical communication module for data center networks. Sony has developed this high-speed interface for transmitting large-data, high-resolution images. The company will exhibit this technology and product (QSFP28, 100G) at OFC2016 to be held in Anaheim, California from March 22, 2016. The technology is planned to be available in the first half of 2016.

Sony's SoRPlas recasts the image of recycled plastics

Reducing the environmental impact by creating high-quality materials. The proportion of recycled materials in Sony products is increasing.
By blending leftover plastics from manufacturing sites with a proprietary flame-retardant, Sony has produced a recycled plastic called "SoRPlas" (Sony Recycled Plastic). This new material has allowed Sony to raise the concentration of recycled materials in new products to an astounding 99%*1.

IMX188PQ - Diagonal 2.16 mm (Type 1/8.3) Back-illuminated Color CMOS Image Sensor for HD 720p Video Featuring High Picture Quality, Compact Size and Low Power Consumption.

The development of Internet phone services and a well-developed communication infrastructure has increased the opportunities for video communication using personal computers, tablets, smartphones and TVs. This has naturally led to a demand for high-picture quality still images and high-resolution video. The new 1M-pixel CMOS image sensor developed by Sony for smartphones uses an "Exmor R" back-illuminated structure with
1.4 µm unit pixel that delivers HD video shooting capability of 720p at 60 frame/s.

ICX828AKA/ALA, ICX829AKA/ALA - High-Sensitivity "EXview HAD CCD II" Security Camera and Industrial Applications CCD Image Sensors.

"High sensitivity" is an essential requirement in sensors for surveillance camera applications. Compared to Sony's existing ICX428AK/AL and ICX429AK/AL products, the ICX828AKA/ALA and ICX829AKA/ALA of this release feature significantly improved sensitivity achieved through improved condensing and an optimized photodiode configuration.

ICX699SQB - Diagonal 7.757 mm (Type 1/2.3) 1.34 µm Unit Pixel 16.15M-Effective Pixel Color Digital Output CCD Image Sensor for Consumer Digital Still Cameras Support High-Definition Moving Images (Equivalent to 720/30p) Imaging and Continuous Capturing Hi

The ICX699SQB is a digital output CCD image sensor featuring a further development of Sony's proprietary integrated package technology and combines a 1.34 µm unit pixel CCD image sensor with peripheral drive circuits (AFE/peripheral parts).


SLD3237VF/SLD3237VFR - 400 mW Output Blue-Violet Semiconductor Laser Diodes Support BDXL™

To respond to the increasing popularity of HD and 3D content, Sony has now developed the industry's first 400 mW pulsed optical output laser diode, the SLD3237VF. This high-output blue-violet laser diode supports high-speed recording for the new "BDXL™" large-capacity standard, which increases the Blu-ray disc recording capacity to 128 GB.

The "Digital Imaging World" of Sony is Further Expanding

Sony has released a newly developed "Exmor RS," the world's first CMOS image sensor that employs the unique "stacked structure." Shipments of the new product will start from October. The new "stacked structure" was also announced in this Side View section of CX-NEWS, Volume 68, but this release is the first time we can introduce the series of technical innovations leading up to the present release and the "digital imaging world" that it makes possible.

ISX014 - Diagonal 4.6 mm (Type 1/4) 8.08M-Effective Pixel Stacked CMOS Image Sensor (SOC) with Built-in High-Performance Image-Processing Engine and Camera System Functions

Sony has now released the ISX014, a CMOS image sensor with approx. 8M-effective pixels, a system-on-chip that provides a 1.12 µm unit pixel, the industry's smallest, CMOS image sensor and camera system. Use of a "Stacked structure," a characteristic of the next generation of back-illuminated CMOS image sensors will enable a high-performance image-processing engine in a more compact chip. 

IMX117CQT - Diagonal 7.81 mm (Type 1/2.3) Approx. 12.40M-Effective Pixel High-Speed, High-Sensitivity Back-Illuminated Color CMOS Image Sensor for Consumer Digital Still Cameras and Camcorders

In the compact consumer digital still camera and camcorder field, there is now a greater demand for video for sports cameras, which means that image sensor are required to meet a greater variety of needs. Sony has now released the IMX117CQT, a Type 1/2.3 approx. 12.40M-effective pixel, back-illuminated CMOS image sensor. Thanks to its high-speed and high-picture quality features as well as excellent optical characteristics and low power consumption is able to meet those demands.

ICX814ALG/ICX814AQG - Diagonal 15.972 mm (Type 1) 9.19M-Effective Pixel Black-and-White and Color CCD Image Sensors with Output Channel Count Switching for Both High Sensitivity and High Resolution

In the industrial camera market, there is an increasing need for high sensitivity, high frame rates as well as high resolution. Sony has now released the ICX814ALG (black and white) and the ICX814AQG (color) with a high resolution of 9.2M pixels, built-in 4-channel multi output and a progressive scan mode that supports full HD video output.